Lung Cancer: Myths and Facts

Myth #1: No immediate benefits of quitting smoking if you have smoked for years.smoking - lung cancer


Fact:  Quitting smoking has immediate benefits. Blood circulation improves and lungs work better. And lung cancer risk drops over the time.

Myth #2: Light Cigarettes are safer.

Fact: Light cigarettes are as risky as regular ones.

Myth #3: Using Pipes and Cigars do not generate any risk of lung cancer

pipes and cigars

Fact: They are as risky as cigarettes. They cause risk for cancers of mouth, lungs, throat and esophagus. Cigar smoking can also get risk of heart disease.

Myth #4: Smoking is the only cause of lung cancer

Fact: Lung cancer’s biggest risk factor is no doubt smoking, but there also exist other reasons. The second most common cause of lung cancer is radon (odorless radioactive gas).

Myth #5: Talcum Powder is one of the reasons

talcum powder

Fact: There is no clear link between lung cancer and talcum powder. People working with other chemicals, like asbestos and vinyl chloride, have higher possibility of getting this disease.

Myth #6: Quitting smoking is pointless, if you already have lung cancer

Fact: If you stop smoking, your treatment could work better and side effects could be lesser. Quitting reduces chances of second cancer.

Myth #7: Exercise has no impact


Fact: People who exercise or are physically active on regular basis are less likely to get it. Working out helps our lungs work better and prevent heart disease, strokes etc.

Myth #8: Air Pollution is not a cause of lung cancer

air pollution

Fact: Tobacco is indeed the biggest risk factor, but air pollution is also one of the threats. People living in polluted areas are more likely to get it. In recent years, many US cities have cut down on air pollution.

These days rather than believing on proved medical facts people are trustier towards myths. We should always stay away from tobacco and smoking and more importantly passive smoking. It is very important to be aware about any symptoms of lung cancer and if you think you are going through any of such symptoms then we advise you to visit nearby cancer specialist of your area.


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